Thursday, December 27, 2007

Mu Voice Intelligent Vocal Harmonizer

I've been searching for a good harmonizer ( from the internet ) for my own use in the studio for quite awhile and finally I purchased the Mu Voice Vocal Harmonizer from Mu Technologies after having tested the trial version. I considered it as a Good-Buy product because of its sound quality,ease of use, userfriendly and quite an affordable price at the moment ( Early bird release ).The technical support is also very helpful. So, I strongly recommand for you all out there who are still hunting for a good vocal harmonizer plugin, grab this one, you won't regret. I used it mainly for harmonizing vocal for my local album productions. GREAT plugin!! Marcellus Simon Malaysia http://www.freewebs.com/marcelmusic _________________________________________________________________________ Mu Voice December 6, 2007: Update to Mu Voice 1.1.1 US $199 (instead of $259) 'Early Bird' Release Imagine a plug-in that allows you to tune your vocal recordings, apply special effects and add natural sounding harmonies when mixing your track. Look no further, Mu Voice is the plug-in for you. The proprietary spectral analysis and synthesis techniques of Mu Technologies set new standards in vocal processing providing a unique tool for your recording studio. An internal delay of only 5.8 ms makes Mu Voice the ideal vocal processor to perform live on stage. ( PC:VST/RTAS ; MAC VST/AU )NEW! AU on Mac - User Manual.Mu Voice is protected by iLok and has a trial period of 30 days / 50 launches. You do not need an iLok to demo, but iLok drivers need to be installed. Key Features * Intelligent Harmonizing * Scale / Chord Selection * Chord Scheme Editing * Mixer * Tuner * Channel FX * Preset Management * Full Automation * XML based file exchange * SIMD Optimizations * Info: o All audio must be sampled at 44100Hz. o Mu Voice uses two data files, W.dat and Y.dat. When it can't find them is generates them automatically. Therefore, when you launch the plug-in for the first time it will take a while to appear. From there on it will launch smoothly. o Mu Voice works strictly for monophonic audio material. For more info, please visit http://www.mu-technologies.com/

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